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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Suggestions for Leaving a Vacant Home Ready for Sale

Suggestions and Requests for Leaving Your Home Vacant
While Listed for Sale

Once you move out of your home there are a few requests and suggestions that I have for you to keep your home in great condition for showing, so that it will sell as quickly as possible.

1. Please keep all of the utilities on!

It is important that agents can put on lights to best show the features of your home. Often, agents show vacant homes after dark, especially during shortened winter daylight hours. (I have had to show homes by the light of my cell phone! Doesn’t help a home to make a buyer fall in love with your home!)

It is important that the water be kept on. Often buyers will need to use the restroom after hours of house hunting. There is nothing more unappealing than an unflushed toilet, in a closed up home! YUCK! Talk about first impressions!

2. Please keep a few basics in the home. That way if something needs a little clean up to stay fresh and clean, it can be done by your listing agent!

Items to leave in the home:

Window cleaner
All purpose cleaner
1 or 2 rolls of paper towels
Toilet paper in each bathroom
A toilet bowl brush
A bucket or large plastic bowl
Spray air fresheners

Optional, but helpful items:

Tidy Bowl or other “bluing” agent inside each toilet bowl.
Broom & dustpan
Footmat outside and/or inside the front door.
Room air fresheners or potpourri

None of these items need to be expensive. The 99 cent store carries all of these items, and they are perfectly fine for the few times they will be used after you move.

There are open houses where things can get tracked in. Sitting toilets often form a “ring” which looks unappealing. If items are left to give the toilets a little quick clean up it keeps the home looking fresh. A bit of toilet bowl cleaner helps.

Solid air fresheners keep the home from smelling “stale”. Window cleaner can remove fingerprints on mirrors, doors, etc.

3. Please keep maintenance on your yard and pool active

Remember, you only have 1 chance to make a first impression. Weeds in the yard, straggly grass, dead plants, green scum on your pool all make the WRONG first impression. You want your home to sell for the best possible price. Don’t make it look like a distress sale by saving a few dollars on it’s upkeep!


4. Hang a neutral, new looking set of towels in each bathroom

A nice looking set of towels makes each bathroom look more elegant, finished and homey.

Other suggestions

Talk to me about staging ideas that we could do to make your home look more appealing, homey and like a model home.

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