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Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Diego Fires & The Impact on Real Estate

Here in the San Diego area we are all starting to breath a little easier and get back to life. What a strange few days it has been. One minute, you think you are going to get up, go to work and start another typically hectic work-week. Next thing, you are throwing your most prized possessions in your car and taking off for safety.

Lucky for my family, after 2 days away, we returned home to an undamaged house and neighborhood. We feel blessed by that.

How will the recent fires affect our San Diego Real Estate market? I believe there will be both negative and positive repercussions from the fires. Obviously, there will be many families needing homes immediately. Some will rent, while waiting to rebuild. Others will buy, scared to remain in the same location that proved so dangerous to their families. In any case, there will be some activity created by the loss of homes

Some who were considering buying in San Diego may be frightened by the fires, and change their buying plans. Others will look at how the disaster was handled, the sense of calm, caring and community that took place, and decide that they want to live amongst people of such character and kindness.

In any case, the displaced families will need to be helped and cared for by professionals who can help them find a new place to call home. I hope they are all able to quickly settle in and move on with their lives, rebuild and create new memories to replace those that were swept away by the fires.

If you are one of those impacted by the fire, and need a list of contractors and service providers that you can trust, please contact me. I have a list of professionals in every type of industry that I know can be trusted. They have come to me highly recommended. You will have one less thing to worry about by having recommendations of reputable service providers at hand.

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